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About Oekotech Textiles
  • Oekotech textiles segment of technical textiles is dedicated in Ecological Engineering.
  • The primary segment in this is Landfill waste management.
  • This refers to the use of Geosynthetic goods to safe landfills against leakage of metropolitan or harmful waste.
  • Other areas include secondary protection in Chemical/Oil Industries (ground covers and the like around process tanks for secondary containment should the tanks leak).
  • A modern engineering landfill has the following components
  • A basal lining system to prevent the contamination of soil, and ground water by pollutants,
  • A capping system to seal the waste when the capacity of the landfill is exhausted,
  • An impervious sealing layer which prevents the entry of pollutants in the ground,
  • A leach ate collection system for the collection and transmission of lactates to a collection pit,
  • A secondary leach ate collection/leak detection system.


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