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Technical Textiles Overview

[] Introduction to Technical Textile

Textile industry is normally considered as an industry which fulfills the demand like climate protection, increase in the aesthetic sense, over and all apparel need & this sector is then well known as traditional textile or general textile.

On the other hand, due to human demand , textile has been molded with new technology for specific use such as human protection from extreme situation etc. & this sector has been given many names but the most common are technical textile, industrial textile, and functional textile.

So basically textile can be classified  into two main sectors according to its application & they are -

  • Traditional textile and
  • Technical textile.
[] Definition of Technical Textiles
[] History of Technical Textile
[] Classification of Technical Textiles
[] Raw Material for Technical Textile
[] Technology used for Manufacturing Technical Textile
[] End Uses of Technical Textile
[] Market
[] Recent Development of Technical Textiles

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