It’s an effective and innovative brand promotion solution for increasing market share and generating positive results. It gives 24x7 visibility, global reach, increases ROI and product positioning.

  Online Banner Ad

An online Banner Advertisements are a simple, yet highly-effective way to promote your company's brand or service by targeting a specific demographic audience/ as well as wider generic audience for awareness and brand building. The various form of Online Banner Ad such as Static, Animated, Expandable, Footer enables very creative & innovative ways of advertisement display.


Advertorials are promotional advertisement written in editorial fashion, describing an advertising message presented in an editorial format. This form of advertising is used to offer information about the new products, promotions, technological advancements in existing services, etc.

e-Newsletters are specially designed informative mailers sent regularly at a fixed interval to our list of subscribers, customers and members. It contains synopsis of industry news, price trends, crucial market information of various product and services that visitors have subscribed or requested from

Electronic Direct mailers are dedicated mailers exclusively designed for marketing product &services. These are sent directly to right contacts in the Technical Textile and Nonwoven sectors globally. EDM’s are very important tool to communicate informational and promotional messages to the clients directly &pull them to the campaign.
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