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Effect of women employment on Home Textiles industry in South Asia

By : technicaltextile.net
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Impact of increase in employment among middle income group women on the demand of home furnishing textiles in South Asia

Gone are the times when it was meant to be only apparels and garments, when we uttered the term Textiles. A huge volume of this sector is being filled up with home furnishing products, or in other words, home textiles. Not that home textile products did not exist previously, but their existence could hardly be noticed. They were merely serving the basic needs of the people, like kitchen linens, bath linens, curtains, etc. However, today, the home textiles sector has emerged as a very integral part of the annual turnover of the textiles industry as a whole.

Initially, the demand was limited to only the European and US markets, but today, India is climbing fast up the ladder of the countries where home furnishing products are increasing their share in the consumer market. A quick analysis of this phenomenon relates it to the increasing purchasing power of the community. Previously, home furnishing products were a necessity, and people used to buy only as much as required. Today, its a symbol of fashion and status, and the middle income group of the Indian society is also divulging itself into it.

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Mr. Arnab Sen is an Assistant Professor of Textile Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal.

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