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Spunlace Nonwovens
Market demands high performance production lines for cost effective and non polluting manufacture of Nonwovens especially for the medical and hygiene applications. Spunlace technology in combination provides the opportunity to do so and at same time offers advantage of saving energy and resources while also increasing the
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Nonwoven fabrics in tissue engineering
Technical textiles are one of the faster growing sectors of the global textile industry. The world textile industry is moving rapidly toward the manufacture of high value-added textile structures and products such as medical textiles, protec¬tive textiles and smart
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What India needs to do now
Technical Textiles (TT) offers new ways, means and opportunities to the Indian textile industry to sustain the present growth and thrive in the near future. It would offer not only an opportunity to augment the growth, but also a new direction for advancement of the
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Snow tires: Chains out, textile in
Driving on icy roads has been the bane of many motorists. To help them drive safely on icy or even frozen roads, the most common tool for the job is the snow chain. The metal chain bites into the frozen road to give a vehicle that extra
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Silk non-woven fabrics - a potential trend setter
The silk waste generated during conversion of cocoon to fabric, presently being used for manufacture of yarns of spun silk, noil, throwster and carpet, besides hand spun, can be more effectively utilized for development of silk Nonwoven fabrics for increased value addition and diversified
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Outlook 2008: Kuwait
AMEC has had a major project management consultancy services contract renewed by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). The contract is worth approximately £163m (92,999,522KWD) over the next five years. The contract covers consultancy services in project management, front-end engineering and related activities for KOC's upstream oil and gas assets in
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Business opportunity for nonwovens & technical textiles in India
The recent year-to-year growth in the manufacturing sector has been 15% and more importantly, there has been growth in the non-durable goods and sector. Most of the non-durable goods are nonwoven products and it is extremely important that this sector grows quickly in India. According to recent statistics from the USA based Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry
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India: Rising opportunities in nonwovens and technical textiles
Economy, in particular the losses of manufacturing jobs occupy the centre stage in the Presidential election campaigns in the US these days. This has been a dramatic shift from other issues that were considered priority six months back. Some economic pundits are predicting recession in 2008 in the United States. However, this situation is quite a contrast 10,000 miles away-India. India is rising
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Value addition by plasma treatment to polypropylene non-woven fabrics
Plasma is partially-ionized gas normally generated by an electrical discharge at near ambient temperatures. Plasma, often considered as the fourth state of matter, is composed of an ionized gas containing a mixture of ions, electron, neutral and excited molecule, and photons. The main attraction of plasma in industrial
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Tailor-made absorbent celulose fibers for nonwovens
In contrast to textile applications where cotton is the most commonly used cellulosic fibre, viscose and lyocell are the dominating fibre materials for absorbent nonwoven products. The particular advantages of man-made cellulosics are their exceptional purity, superior absorbency compared to cotton or pulp, and their softness and opacity. Depending on product
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