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Decoding China's technical textile market

By : Fibre2Fashion.com
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The demand for technical textile in China is also driven by industries scrutinising safety measures of the workforce. Work place clothing for certain professions requires technical textiles and organisations are investing in superior fabrics to ensure safety of employees.


Though China has seen unparalleled success in technical textile, the demand continues to exceed China's production capacity. While the demand-supply gap has proved to be a boon for foreign producers, China's technical textile imports have increased over the last decade. Rising energy and raw material costs are also posing a threat to the otherwise prosperous technical textile sector. China's technical textile industry is currently struggling to cope up with unpredictable costs of key raw materials.

Another immediate challenge for China is the strong technical textile market in India. China has already lost out on its earlier advantage of low cost labour and India has earned a respectable place in the global technical textile for its quality and price competitiveness.

China is eyeing new business investment opportunities, but unlike the blind expansion it undertook a few years back, entrepreneurs have now started investing rationally. In China, spunbound nonwovens are attracting maximum investment.

It is the need of the hour to promote even growth of various sub-sects of technical textile. To upgrade the industry China's technical textile is also focussing on eliminating substandard technical textile goods. China's small and medium enterprises in the technical textile business have also realised that cutting the price is not a wise strategy for long-term survival in the industry, as competition is not based on price or cost any longer. Developing skill and expanding business have become a necessity for China's technical textile.

Experts predict that this year, China's technical textile industry will continue to remain strong as filtration and medical and hygiene products are expected to expand. Demand for technical textile in China is weaker than it was a decade ago but the market remains attractive for global investment opportunities and growth. China's vibrant technical textile market, particularly for nonwovens, is leading the way for the sector, globally.


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