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Nonwoven - the Greatest Innovation for Converted Products

By : Helena Engqvist
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New less invasive surgical technologies are rapidly increasing for ambulatory and out-patient treatments. In many of these pre-packed customized procedure, trays (CPT) are used to facilitate the use of tools and equipment for specific treatments and surgeries. Here single-use products also play a major role in reducing cost, inventory and waste. Drapes designed for specific treatments, wound care products, swabs, tools and many other articles can be found in the CPTs.

Technologies play a major role

Today the most common technologies in absorbent hygiene products and healthcare are various kinds of polymer based materials together with viscose, cotton and fluff pulp.

The nonwoven types used in both absorbent hygiene and health-care related products are represented by the major nonwoven technologies such as spunlaid (spunbond), SMS, spunlaced, carded thermally or chemically bonded, air-through bonded and air-laid. All these technologies provide a great number of materials and combinations, each designed to meet the technical criteria and personal needs for thousands of products asked for by consumers and professionals. The technical development potentials seem endless. For example ultra-light super-soft spunlaid materials can today be produced at speeds approaching 1000 m/min, while higher weight materials provide impermeable, but breathable qualities.

Single-use products are always new every time!

From a global perspective many of the personal care and health-care segments are growing, although it may look different in different parts of the world. For example, in Western Europe fewer babies are being born, the aging population is increasing and the 65-year old will soon represent 20% of the total population. In North America the situation will be similar, just some years later. In most Asian countries, South America and Africa the picture looks totally different with much greater shares of babies and young people. As a result, it is expected that the use of baby diapers will continue increasing in most parts of the world.

The future will show numerous new nonwoven technologies and creative finished products to make life easier for consumers, care-givers and health care professionals because nonwovens are here to stay. And single-use products are always new every time!

About the Author:

The author is the founder and owner of Engqvist Consulting, Switzerland. She is a specialist in consumer insight and development of nonwovens, hygiene and health care products.


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