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Effect of nanosiver application on antimicrobial finishing

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Mr. M. Parthiban*, Dr. S. Gunasekaran**
Silambarasan, Sakthi Srinivasan, Seetharaman, Karthika***


Microbial infestation poses danger to both living and non living matters. Obnoxious smell from the inner garments such as socks spread of diseases; staining and degradation of textiles are some of the detrimental effects of bad microbes. Though the use of antimicrobials have been known for the decades it is only in the recent couple of years several attempts have been made for finishing textiles with antimicrobial compounds. The consumers are now increasingly aware of the hygienic life style and there is a necessity and expectation for a wide range of textile products finished with antimicrobial properties. The new developments such as non-leaching type of finishes would help reduce the ill effects and possibly could comply with the statutory requirements imposed by regulating agencies. Nano Silver technology is opening up a world of exciting new possibilities in today’s quest for a safer and healthier environment. This project is dealt with finishing using Nano silver and assessing their antimicrobial properties.

1 Introduction

The inherent properties of textile fibers provide room for the growth of micro-organisms. Besides, the structure of the substrates and the chemical processes may induce the growth of microbes. Humid and warm environment still aggravate the problem. Infestation by microbes cause cross infection by pathogens and development odor where the fabric is worn next to skin. In addition the staining and loss of the performance properties of textile substrates are the result of microbial attack. Basically, with a view to protect the wearer and the textile substrate it self antimicrobial finish is applied to textile materials. The next big thing that will ensure a safer, healthier environment measures no more than 3nm in size: Nano silver. Where ever bacteria, mould and mildew and fungi can cause unwelcome odors or product degradation, there is a Nano silver treatment to solve the problem.


* Faculty of Textile Technology (Fashion Tech), PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore – 641 004
** Professor, Dept of Microbiology, TNAU, Coimbatore.
*** Dept of Textile Chemistry, SSM College of Engineering, Komarapalayam.

Email: parthi_mtech@yahoo.com, guna1954@yahoo.com

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