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Directed self-assembly of polymers and nanotubes into air-suspended bridges

By : R. W. Cohn, R. S. Keynton, G. H. McKinley, G. N. Tew
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Broader impacts

Jessica Fernandes now in her sophomore year in electrical engineering, was a summer REU intern. She contributed to making the porous fibers and is co-author on two submitted conference proceedings. Pictures of the porous fiber have been submitted to the Visual Gallery developed by the UMass MRSEC in support of their development of a K-12 program that integrates science and art, with the goal of attracting more students into science. Four graduate students worked full time and at least 3 other students have contributed to the project results.


[1] For further information about this project link to http://www.ee.uofl.edu/~eri or email rwcohn@uofl.edu

[2] S. Pabba, S. M. Berry, M. M. Yazdanpanaah, R. S. Keynton and R. W. Cohn, Nanotube suspension bridges directly fabricated from nanotube-polymer suspensions by manual brushing, 2006 6th IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology (18 July 2006, Cincinnati, OH).

[3] Berry, S. M., Harfenist, S. A., Cohn, R. W., Keynton, R. S. Characterization of Micromanipulator-Controlled Dry Spinning of Micro- and Sub-Microscale Polymer Fibers. J. Micromech. Microeng. 16, 1825-1832 (2006).

[4] At least seven other peer-reviewed conference proceedings and seven abstracts have been accepted or submitted on this project to date.

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