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Silver Based Anti-Microbial Finishing on Cotton

By : Aravin Prince. P
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The benefits to science and society from Nanotechnology are substantial. If the criterion is to produce very minute particle size fibres and materials the nano-technology is the only way to achieve the same. This article elucidates about the silver based anti microbial finishing on cotton fabric.

What Are Microbes?

Microbes are the tiniest creatures not seen by the naked eye. They include a variety of micro-organisms like Bacteria, Fungi, Algae and viruses. Bacteria are uni-cellular organisms which grow very rapidly under warmth and moisture.

Anti-Microbial For Garments:

The main reason for treating garments with antimicrobial control of perspiration odours. As the bacteria reproduced they give off gases which are familiar perspiration odour. Treating fabric with anti microbial means, that bacteria which have been transferred from the skin or the environment do not reproduce in the fabric. The reduction in bacteria means the volume of gas given off will be much smaller than an odour will not develop.

Necessity Of Antimicrobial Finishes:

Antimicrobial treatment for textile materials is necessary to fulfil the following objectives:

  • To avoid cross infection by pathogenic micro organisms;
  • To control the infestation by microbes;
  • To arrest metabolism in microbes in order to reduce the formation odour; and
  • To safeguard the textile products from staining, discolouration and quality deterioration.

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About The Authors

The authors are Lecturers in A.J.K.K.S.A.Polytecnic College, Gobi, Erode, TN and SSM Institute of Textile Technology, komarapalayam, Erode, T.N, respectively.

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