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Application of Nano Technology

By : technicaltextile.net
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The recent emergence of nanotechnology in the marketplace has raised global concerns among scientists, researchers, regulatory agencies, consumers and the general public, regarding its safety. It is expected that nanotechnology will have a major impact on medicine and health care; energy production and conservation; environmental cleanup and protection; electronics, computers, and sensors; and world security and defense. Hence the justification and need for appropriate controls and standards to be adopted and implemented to protect the public's health.

Nanotechnology is the creation and use of particles one billionth of a meter for the manufacture of materials, products and devices. The term Nano in Nanotechnology comes from a Greek word "Nanos" which means 'dwarf'. The dictionary meaning of dwarf is abnormally small.

The benefits to science and society from Nanotechnology are substantial. If the criterion is to produce very minute particle size fibers and materials the nano technology is the only way to achieve the same.This paper elucidates about the nano finishing in textile. Techno-science recently introduced some nano finishes for textile substrate has been reviewed here. The logic of using low molecular weight fiber-reactive fluorocarbons that from the basics of Nano-Care finish durable hydrophobic characteristic to fabrics. And mechanisms proposed to explain the photo-catalytic self-cleaning effect of TiO2 have been developed.

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Author is Studying in 2 nd year textile technology at KSR College of technology.


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