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Super Absorbent Nonwovens for Protective Apparels

By : V. K. Kothari and Soumyajit Sarkar
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Three layered assembly with a needle punched fabric contains 37.5% of SAF and remaining polyester, with basis weight of 210 g/m2 as absorbent core was used in the experiments.

To study the effect of different SAF content, basis weight and thickness of the absorbent core on protective performance thermal bonded nonwoven structures were made from the following design matrix as shown in Table 1. To prepare the thermal bonded nonwoven structures 20% low melt polyester fibres were blended with the normal Polyester and SAF. Cross-lapped web of different basis weight were made from DILO needle punching machine. The cross-lapped web was then thermally bonded in compression moulding machine at a temperature of 130C for 20 minutes to obtain the final structure. To achieve different thickness metal frames of different thickness were used in between the top and bottom heating plate.

Table 1: Design matrix for designing the absorbent core.

Super absorbent fibres of 9 denier and staple length of 52 mm were used. The three layer evaporative cooling fabric was made by stitching the outer layer, absorbent core and inner layer together on a lockstitch machine. Sewing thread used was of 270/2 denier and stitch density was kept to 3 stitches/cm. Sample size of 18 cm12cm was used for testing. The structure of the three layer evaporative cooling fabric assembly is shown in Figure 2.


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