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High viscosity polyester
The production processes for high viscosity polyester are driven by two fast growing market segments - the packaging materials especially the polyester bottles and the technical yarn production. Both areas are fortunately excluded from Chinese polyester fiber predominance yet and growing round the World
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Fashion fabrics from metallic fibres
During historic ages, threads of gold and silver were used by the royal garment makers to adorn the clothing of kings, queens and people of status. The entire cloth was completely made out of gold threads and was known as 'Cloth of Gold'. This is different from the embroidery techniques in which golden threads are used
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PET bottles or soda cans, What are you wearing today?
It would be unbelievable for a person to say that he or she is wearing a garment made from pet bottles, or milk, or fruit juice bottles. Incredible, but it's true. The new top purchased recently could have been made out of a cool drink bottle drunk months before. Fibres of a gorgeous suit might be the
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Pakistan Lags Behind in Technical Textile
This paper highlights and demonstrates the technical and economical impact of technical textiles in the industrially developed countries and their future contribution to the development of economics of newly developing countries, such as China, South East Asia, and North Africa
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Conductive Yarns and their Use In Technical Textiles
Conductive fibres and yarns have drawn considerable attention during the last decade. Generally speaking, textile materials made of organic polymers are perfect insulators. Due to weak electrical conductivity electrical load is accumulated on the surface of organic
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Recent Developments in High Performance Fibres
Over the last 5 years the global fibre market has moved further into a global commodity market. This change is redefining and accelerating global trade patterns at all levels of the high value chain. The development of special fibers is the consequence of merging fundamentals scientific and technical knowledge, as there is a quest for high performance
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Plasma Technology Applications in Textile Networking
Plasma technology, with a juxtaposition of other supplementing technologies helps in providing benefits to mankind. Textile industry is always searching for innovative techniques to enhance fabric qualities and increase its functional aspects. Researches in this field have opened new windows for the manufacturing of eco friendly, and special performance fabrics to contribute to the needs of the
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Heat Resistant Fibres
Heat resistant fabrics are used in fields of high-tech applications where exceptional strength is required. In industries like metal, aluminum and steel, workers are frequently exposed to heavy molten metal splashes. Hence flame resistant garments are worn over the secondary
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EliTe® CompactSet Processing Synthetic Fibres
Fibre consumption worldwide is currently made up of about 58% manmade fibres and about 42% natural fibres. Although the percentage of cotton has slightly and continuously grown in the last years, its share of the total consumption of fibres is about 40%
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Silver Based Anti-Microbial Finishing on Cotton
The benefits to science and society from Nanotechnology are substantial. If the criterion is to produce very minute particle size fibres and materials the nano-technology is the only way to achieve the same. This article elucidates about the silver based anti microbial finishing on cotton
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