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Artificial Turf the New Face of Sports Textiles

By : Technicaltextile.net
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About Artificial Turf

Synthetic materials are used to manufacture artificial turf, which are substitutes of natural grass. It is use for making excellent stadium surfaces for playing sports (especially hockey and soccer). Artificial turf also being used in indoors or outdoors for landscaping. Turf has no straight unsafe effects to pets or kids. It is also seen from several studies that the artificial turfs have a lesser injury rate than grassland on playgrounds.

Characteristics of Artificial turf

The artificial turf structure consists of different layers

  • The pile fibers
  • Backing cloth,
  • Shock absorbing layer and
  • The supporting base

Pile Fiber - The grass like piles are non-harsh and soft to feel. The artificial grass is prepared of either the polyamide nylon/nylon 6.6 or PP/PE, which is custom extruded into a monofilament ribbon shape. The pile fiber has to permit for even ball roll and bounce, it should support non-directional foot grip, allow for water permeability and should have the correct stability of strength, elasticity and stiffness to resist the wear and tear of normal usage.

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