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Technology Involved in Breathable Sportswear

By : Mahfuzer Rahman Maruf
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Whenever a sportswear is designed, the first priority should be the breath-ability of the garments. The difference between the normal garments & sportswear is there the sportswear must be breathable than that of normal garments. Breathability means the garments having a capacity to transfer the moist vapor through the pore of garments. Due to lacings of rapid moisture vapor transmission through garments, the players who are always in hard activity cannot feel discomfort much more. The sportswear is mainly the combination of multilayered fabric. To improve the degree of breathability of garments there used an inner layer fabric which can drain out moist vapor & sweat drop from the skin at the same time another outer layer fabric is used in the outer side of the garments which is works upon the diffusion theory. In this paper we will try to understand the mechanism by which this multilayered technology is works on a sportswear.


The sports garments are mainly made of polyester based fiber due to its good tensile strength & better durability this is tremendously used to produce various kinds of sportswear. But the main barrier of this type fabric is very low moisture regain of about only 0.4% at a relative humidity of 65. These dresses will introduce an uncomfortable condition to the wearer in higher humid days.

Human skin constantly releases moisture at the rate of 200ml/hr. at rest, 600ml/hr. during medium activity & 1200ml/hr. during heavy activity. The players are always in heavy & hard activities like running in football games. The continuous sweating is on in the inner side of the garments, if there is no arrangement of moisture vapor transmission then the vapor will trapped in the micro gap between garments & players skin, in this critical situation the players must face a feeling of discomfort.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Owx-_GLyzVA/Ua26RuhD4lI/AAAAAAAAHgY/Jc2oPGDvs8Y/s1600/breathable-sportswear.jpgThe water vapor molecules are about 0.0004 microns in size, 1 micron = 10-6 meter. And we know that a fabric has many free fields in its microscopic structure, which free fields are commonly larger than the size of a vapor molecule. Therefore, the polyester fabric is capable to transfer a small amount of moisture vapors through itself, but not sufficient for the players.

The players need to have a continuous sweats drain out arrangement to keep their skin dry. Another barrier of this type fabric is to use in European countries, where the players need to have a multilayered garments to protect from extreme cold condition, when the heavy clothes are made of multilayered fabric then the free fields spaces will reduce which resists the moisture vapor transmission rapidly. To overcome from this unwanted situation two novel techniques is used in sportswear to make the garments breathable by passing through the moisture vapor & perspiration through the garments.


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