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Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF) and SAF containing fabrics, yarns and tapes - by Technical Absorbents Limited

Technical Absorbents is the Absorbent Solutions Provider. A manufacturer of Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF™), the company has also developed a network of partnerships with converters in order to offer customers a wide portfolio of innovative SAF™- containing technologies - including nonwovens, wovens, knits, yarns and tapes. SAF™ is now widely accepted within a diverse range of applications, and its development team are constantly evaluating new opportunities for its application.


Within the disposable hygiene market, SAF™ is the key component for a wide range of soft, discreet and comfortable nonwoven fabric cores that provide superior fluid absorption, and low re-wet performance, in ultra-thin femme-hygiene, diaper and incontinence products.


Advanced wound care is an area experiencing high levels of growth. SAF™ is the key basis for soft, flexible wound care dressings, which offer superior levels of wound exudates absorption and retention - creating the optimum environment to aid the healing process.


SAF™ is the key component for a wide range of enhanced nonwoven filter media fabrics that are designed for the removal of water and particulates from aviation fuel, automotive diesel and a wide range of oils. Such fabrics help to reduce problems associated with water and particulate contamination.

Food packaging

SAF™ is a USA FDA and European EFSA compliant superabsorbent, for exudates management in food packaging materials, that effectively lock away lose liquids within their core, keeping produce fresher for longer.


Water-blocking functionality can be achieved with SAF™. It is already a key component for a range of geosynthetic membrane fabric technologies that can be used for water-sealant and blocking applications. Such fabrics are designed to act as a barrier to water and help alleviate the problems of flooding.


The ability of SAF™ to rapidly absorb and retain water makes it ideal for agrotextile applications. Such fabrics are designed for the controlled delivery of water and nutrients to different root systems as and when required. Significant benefits in water saving and enhanced crop production can be achieved.


SAF™ can be converted into a wide range of spun yarns and nonwoven tapes, that provide optimum protection for both power and telecommunication cables. This dry active SAF™ based yarn and tape system of water-blocking protection for cable cores, affords prevention of water passage along the cable from a joint or point of sheath damage.


SAF™ is now also used within the coolant apparel market, and is the basis for semi durable and durable (washable) fabrics that offer significant advancements in reducing wearer heat-stress and fatigue - whilst providing increased comfort and performance capabilities.


SAF™ is truly a versatile super absorbent product. The number of applications that already benefit from this absorbent technology is immense - and extremely diverse.

Ongoing innovation in the polymer chemistry of SAF™, together with implementation of advanced fibre processing techniques, is leading to the design of new fabrics and yarns that deliver world class super absorbency performance.

Technical Absorbents continues to strengthen its position within the super absorbents industry. Investment within its core technologies allows Technical Absorbents to pursue new opportunities for its SAF technology, and to deliver optimum product solutions through intensive research and creative product development.

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