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CCT introduces Cool Comfit Apparel into South American Market
Mar '10
Cool Comfort Technologies…Mr. Dennis Ackroyd COO, Mr. Victor Breda Division President and Mr. Thomas Battista CFO, were the guests of Barcelona Soccer Club President Mr. Eduardo Maruri, where together they introduced to some 100 plus media people from around the soccer world that the popular soccer club would be wearing “COOLCOMFIT” the new cooling technology uniforms for the up and coming 2010 season. Throughout the week Mr. Breda was interviewed by the television, print and radio media demonstrating how the product works and its intended benefit to all who wear it.

The new cooling uniforms went through very rigorous testing in both Guayaquil and Quito, the country's capital. All in attendance were ecstatic with both the performance of the uniforms and the athletes improved endurance, while playing in the extreme heat.

The protocol for testing was established by Mr. Ackroyd (inventor) and verified by the teams “on staff” athletic trainers, and nutritionist. Every step of the initial tests were closely observed by the attending media who just marveled as they watched the fabric temperature drop and agreed, the technology to be the perfect performance enhancer for athletes, not to mention the added comfort for the general public that works or plays outdoors.

The extreme differences in temperature and humidity in Ecuador provided the right time and the right place to introduce the “COOLCOMFIT” technology in South America, as this continent contains many countries that experience very hot weather. These results have also captured the Ecuadorian military's interest in this technology, as many of their troops must deal with the very hot and humid conditions common to the region.

Mr. Ackroyd who invented the technology stated that working in conjunction with Marathon Sports and the Barcelona Soccer Club allowed CCT to perform extensive testing in extreme conditions at both their facilities that would not have been possible until May or June if done in the US. This would have delayed the technology introduction until late summer 2010. The testing went fabulous, exceeding all expectations of both the team's medical staff and the athletes, Guayaquil was hot and humid and Quito at about 9,000 feet above sea level was hot and dry.

The average temperature was about 29 C and the uniforms performed consistently in the 17 to 19 C range throughout the practice sessions. Mr. Ackroyd stated everyone was very pleased with the results and that the testing would continue to assure consistency of product performance over a several week period.

Cool Comfort Technologies, the makers of “COOLCOMFIT” is located in Windham, Maine and Rockland, Massachusetts USA. CCT manufactures performance fabrics with cooling benefits for the world performance apparel markets such as; athletics, uniformed services (e.g. Military, Police, Construction, etc.) as well as medical applications and a broad array of consumer products.

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