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Teijin revises CSR procurement guidelines
November 21, 2017  (Japan)
Teijin Limited has completely revised its CSR procurement guidelines on November 1, 2017. Teijin is requesting suppliers to comply with our guidelines ...
Teijin unveils lightweight premium black colour fabric
November 21, 2017  (Japan)
Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin group’s fibre-product converting company, has announced that it has developed a new fabric, boasting a premium b ...
Teijin to participate in Sustainable Innovation Forum
November 8, 2017  (Japan)
The Teijin Group, a technology-driven group from Japan, is set to partake in Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF), a global business-focused environment ...
Teijin produces cooling vest for firefighters
October 18, 2017  (Japan)
Teijin has produced a cooling vest that protects firefighters with unprecedented heat-resistance, flame-retardance and body-heat reduction, including ...
Teijin Aramid partakes in A+A 2017 tradefair
October 17, 2017  (Germany)
Teijin Aramid B.V., the Teijin Group’s aramid business, has announced that the company is participating in A+A 2017, the safety, security, and health ...
Teijin’s Aramid Business has a new production line
October 9, 2017  (Netherlands)
Teijin’s Aramid Business has a new production line at its Technora production facility in Matsuyama, Japan. The Technora capacity is available for Tei ...
Teijin develops smart uniform for firefighters
October 2, 2017  (Japan)
Teijin has developed a smart uniform for firefighters, incorporating a sophisticated wearable device that monitors body heat. The company also reveale ...
Teijin releases Integrated Report 2017
September 5, 2017  (Japan)
Japan’s technology firm Teijin Limited has announced the release of Integrated Report 2017, which covers the company's financial information, manageme ...
Teijin to exhibit at China Composites Expo in Shanghai
September 4, 2017  (Japan)
The Teijin Group is participating in China Composites Expo 2017, Asia's largest composites exhibition, being held in Shanghai during September 6-8. So ...
Teijin unveils Value Partner Program for protective trade
May 24, 2017  (Japan)
Teijin Aramid, developers of aramid technology used in various applications like automotive, ballistic protection, marine, civil engineering, protecti ...
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