ContiTech’s fabrics for safety at temp extremes
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ContiTech's fabrics for safety at temp extremes
Apr '17
International technology company and industrial partner ContiTech has come up with materials which ensure safety and security in a wide range of operating environments from extremes of heat to cold. A chemical protection suit, manufactured using ContiTech's innovative 'next generation' fabric, has been certified to American fire safety standard NFPA.
The flame-retardant material guarantees a high degree of safety in working environments where gases are generated and there is a fire hazard. It is therefore a reliable aid for firefighters, in industry and in shipbuilding.
ContiTech is exhibiting protective suits and other solutions at TechTextil in Germany from May 9 to 12, 2017.
Protective suits made with ContiTech's material provide brief protection against temperatures from 850 degree Celsius to -196 degree Celsius. All ContiTech fabrics are based on the Conti Barrier System, which uses high-performance elastomer coatings. Depending on the finish, this offers secure protection against chemicals, flames, heat or cold.   
ContiTech also supplies materials for drysuits that offer optimal protection and a high degree of safety in and under water. This tough material - 0.5 mm thin and weighing about 450 g/m2 - remains watertight even when pushed to extremes. Comfort is also guaranteed, as the coated fabric is very flexible and has a pleasing feel. The innovative condensation control technology ensures optimal regulation of the body climate. This makes the material suitable for professional and leisure divewear. The material remains watertight even after 170 dive hours.
The company's wall materials feature high level of fire protection and long service life. As a flexible connecting system in articulated buses and between individual railway carriages, they are constantly in motion. In addition, they have to withstand stone chipping, UV radiation, rain and snow. They have been tested to European standard EN 45545-2 for use in rail vehicles. The materials are available in thicknesses from 0.8 to 3.0 mm, in different material finishes such as CSM or silicone rubber, and in several colours. 
In addition to its classic finishes, ContiTech is also presenting a translucent variant that is already successfully in operation in buses. The composite material used, Conti Vitroflex, consists of synthetic rubber and fiberglass fabric. Not only is it light-permeable, it also amplifies the brightness due to its special refraction properties. (SV)

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