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DermalRx HydroSeal to enhance intimate apparel industry
Oct '08
Applied DNA Sciences Inc (APDN) announced that its proprietary ingredient, DermalRx HydroSeal, has been incorporated into the fabric of a new line of intimate apparel currently being test marketed by a global marketer of intimate apparel. Consumer responses are being evaluated in several major metropolitan markets. DermalRx HydroSeal, part of APDN's BioActive Ingredients portfolio, represents a new approach to dry skin – Structural Moisturization. The BioActive Ingredients business is based on the biofermentation expertise developed from APDN's SigNature DNA and BioMaterial Genotyping.

“Introducing skin care science to the textile industry is a great example of the crosstalk between our proprietary scientific platforms, our commercial entrée, and our customer base,” said Dr. Hayward, CEO of APDN. “Topical delivery systems enhance the performance of active ingredients on the skin. All garments contact the skin. What better way to deploy a skin treatment than through a textile?”

With stress, skin becomes increasingly porous and its ability to retain moisture diminishes, as does its tensile strength, making skin subject to dehydration, and visible skin imperfections. DermalRx HydroSeal, a proprietary complex of a novel yeast ferment, soy proteins and soy peptides, helps to enhance cohesion between the cells in the upper layers of the skin, restoring elasticity and the skin's natural capacity to retain moisture. Key features of this product include the repair of damaged skin and the remodeling and restoration of the skin surface to refine texture and radiance. The effect promotes a youthful appearance to the skin and contributes to overall skin health.

Dr. Hayward continued, “We are excited by this innovative use of DermalRx HydroSeal and believe that the success of our product in intimate apparel will open up many additional applications beyond the personal care industry, where we have seen initial success. While the impact of test marketing on our revenues is minor to date, we are hopeful that these inroads made in the global personal care industry through the sale of our BioActive Ingredients will further expand opportunities to provide APDN's brand protection products and services to this industry as well.” APDN's management team has a history of success in this industry, having developed ingredients prior to joining APDN, that are now used by many Fortune 100 companies.

APDN's CFO Kurt Jensen stated: “We expect that BioActive Ingredients will generate a growing revenue stream for the company as we ramp up our core security business. We also believe that there is real potential to custom manufacture additional products for existing and new customers, as demonstrated by this exciting new application of our ingredients.”

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