Dyneema soft ballistics vests useful for 15 years
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Dyneema soft ballistics vests useful for 15 years
Mar '17
Courtesy: DSM
Courtesy: DSM
Personal protection equipment made using Dyneema soft ballistics scores high on performance even after 15 years of use. This has been shown by scientists form German Wildau Technical University. In fact, the performance of 15-year-old Dyneema soft ballistic vests was found to be as high as new vests. Dyneema is ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibre.

Dyneema has been invented and manufactured by DSM Dyneema. It is the world’s strongest fibre. Dyneema offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight. It is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40 per cent stronger than aramid fibres. Dyneema fibre floats on water and is extremely durable and resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals.

The study conducted by Prof Dr. Herzog and Prof. Dr. Hendrix found that the V50 performance of used, and up to 15-year-old German vests was consistent with that of new vests with Dyneema soft ballistics. The study also affirmed performance stability of Dyneema soft ballistic panels over a simulated period of 30 years. Demonstrated long term performance is among the key requirements for personal protection equipment in body armour tenders by European law enforcement authorities.

“The purpose of our research was to analyse the long-term ballistic performance of German vests with Dyneema. Our study of a significant number of German personal protection vests has underlined the substantial reliability of Dyneema in bullet resistant personal protection equipment,” says Prof Dr. Herzog.

The findings were presented recently at a conference organised by the German Police University.

Dyneema soft ballistic solutions are based on DSM’s patented unidirectional technology designed for use in multi-layered structures which have repeatedly proven to meet or exceed industry standards in ballistic tests performed at independent laboratories. Advanced Dyneema soft and hard ballistics solutions are widely used in German personal protection equipment combining proven high level protection at reduced weight and low thickness for maximum comfort and agility.

DSM Dyneema showcased its next generation hard and soft ballistics solutions, including Dyneema force multiplier technology at Enforce Tac exhibition. The display also included demanding military and law enforcement personal protection equipment, such as ballistic vests, inserts and helmets. (SV)

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