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Equmen Precision Socks to help improve oxygen flow in blood
Apr '10
From the underwear brand that brought men the health-improving Core Precision Undershirt, comes technical "health-wear" for the feet. The developers at Equmen have found that daily compression products can benefit men from top to toe, and are introducing Precision Socks: stylish, health-improving socks designed to energise even the most lethargic of legs.

"Whether you are sitting at a desk all day, out on the golf course, travelling or simply on the go, often times your feet will feel achy or even swollen," says Equmen MD, Gavin Jones. "There is an easy solution: compression socks. Wearing compression socks on a daily basis can help increase blood flow, more evenly distribute muscle strain and help legs feel less fatigued."

Sporting a classic look infused with benefits, Equmen Precision Socks are cushioned support socks that incorporate the company's proprietary Helix-Mapping System. The athletic-inspired technology wraps around the arch for extra support while precision fit fabric applies therapeutic pressure to help improve the flow of oxygen in the blood and remove toxins from the muscles, thereby relieving fatigue and cramping. The sock also channels air, wicks moisture and boasts a reinforced construction designed to stay put.

Given research demonstrating the impact of compression socks on leg health in long-haul flights, the Precision Socks are especially ideal for the business traveler.

"In men's fashion, socks are a key accessory to any look," says Equmen MD Gavin Jones. "We want to take it up a notch and make socks that are not just about looking good, but feeling good. Sport socks are infused with advanced performance technologies – Equmen makes such technologies available to wear all the time, without ruining your style."


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