Gen III Ecwc provide protection from - 40°F to 60°F
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Gen III Ecwc provide protection from - 40°F to 60°F
Mar '08
Based on layering systems currently utilized by mountaineering professionals and designed by the U.S. Army, GEN III ECWCS changes the way the American Soldier can fight.

Technically advanced proprietary materials and textile construction combine with advanced garment design to allow the soldier to comfortably operate and sustain combat operations in extreme conditions, extending the ability to take the fight to the enemy.

Only the official GEN III ECWCS authorized for U.S. Army issue features:
- Sizing logic to minimize bulk
- Seamless integration with load carriage and body armor
- Near infrared (NIR) textile technology
- Exceptionally quiet design for added stealth

GEN III ECWCS features seven new levels of insulation to provide a broad level of environmental protection that extends from - 40°F to + 60°F.

Each piece fits and functions either alone, or when used in the system, to provide the most options and highest possible performance for the warfighter.


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