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IAF to install BRS whole-airframe parachute system
Sep '10
BRS Aerospace of South St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, a manufacturer of whole-airplane parachutes, announced it has been contracted to integrate and help certify its parachute recovery systems for the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) HPT-32 basic training aircraft used by the Indian Air Force.

BRS Aerospace will install their high-tech safety system into the fleet of HPT-32 trainers, according to HAL officials, the aircraft's designer and manufacturer, who has contracted this work with BRS Aerospace.

"Providing this solution for the basic training aircraft used by the Indian Air Force reinforces what we've been saying for years -- BRS whole-airframe parachute recovery systems provide the utmost in pilot safety in a very cost effective manner. This represents a strong market opportunity for BRS to install life saving parachutes on training aircraft, civilian or military," Gary Moore, BRS Aerospace Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, said.

Frank Hoffmann, BRS Aerospace VP of Engineering, will travel to India immediately with a team of engineers to begin the process of adding the ballistic recovery system to the HPT-32 aircraft. "I anticipate being able to have a design ready this Fall," he says. Once BRS has completed their installation design, Hoffmann will work closely with HAL, the aircraft's manufacturer, and the Indian Air Force, to test and certify the customized whole-airframe parachute system. "The whole program is expected to be completed in a very short period of time," Hoffmann adds.

Tens of thousands of BRS Aerospace whole-airframe parachutes are already in the field around the world, flying in experimental and certified aircraft, including the Cessna 172/182. The system employs solid rocket fuel technology. When activated by the pilot, an onboard rocket helps deploy a parachute which returns the entire aircraft and pilot safely to the ground. To date BRS Aerospace parachutes have saved the lives of more than 255 people.

"This is a very significant milestone for not only BRS but for aviation safety as well," said Boris Popov, BRS founder and current VP of Public Affairs. "While BRS products have been successfully introduced into the civilian aviation markets for years, this is the first usage of the BRS system for the military trainer aircraft market. We believe it is but the first step towards BRS acceptance in military trainer programs worldwide. We applaud the Indian Air Force for this farsighted decision."

Based in South Saint Paul, Minnesota, BRS Aerospace consists of three divisions: BRS Aviation which designs, manufactures, and distributes whole-aircraft emergency parachute systems for general aviation and recreational aircraft; BRS Defense which designs and manufactures a variety of parachute systems for US Department of Defense and foreign military customers; and BRS Safety which designs and manufactures reflective and load-bearing safety vests and other safety-related products.

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