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Job Sight apparel line meets ANSI standard
Jul '10
Tingley Rubber Corporation, a leader in the manufacture of protective footwear and clothing for over 100 years, recently expanded its line of ANSI compliant high visibility safety apparel. The new Job Sight line includes a complete offering of vests, pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and outerwear.

As part of its product launch, Tingley Rubber conducted a national survey of construction business owners and safety managers from various industries. The survey included questions to determine their level of awareness of the ANSI/ISEA 107 high visibility standard and the new MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) regulations regarding the use of ANSI 107-compliant high visibility safety apparel.

The survey found that one -third of the respondents said they were not familiar with the ANSI-107 High Visibility standard and one-half said they were only "somewhat" familiar with it. Awareness was even less for the new MUTCD standard, with nearly two-thirds stating they were not familiar with it.

These new safety requirements are designed to reduce road work zone fatalities and accidents. According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, highway workers are killed at a rate eight times higher than general industry workers — and three times higher than other construction workers.

"With the launch of our new Job Sight high visibility product line we felt it was important to determine the awareness of these standards. As part of our product roll out, we plan to conduct an information campaign to help companies better understand these regulations and what high visibility apparel is required to meet them in various work environments," says Brian Nutt, Product Manager for Tingley Rubber Corp. and its Job Sight™ High Visibility Apparel product line. Nutt is also a member of the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) High Visibility Products Group.

The new MUTCD 2009 revision requires that all workers within the right of way or work zone must wear high visibility apparel that meets ANSI 107 Performance Class 2 or Class 3 standards. By December 31, 2011 all states must be in substantial compliance - on all roads, not just federal-aid highways. For more details, visit Tingley's High Visibility Resource Center to download "Quick Tips for Getting and Staying Compliant with ANSI / ISEA 107 for High Visibility Apparel". Tingley will soon be adding training videos, safety check lists, and compliance aids to its website.

"With the adoption of the new ANSI 107 Standard, we designed our Job Sight high visibility products to make ANSI compliance easy. Job Sight materials combine waterproof, breathable, insulated and flame resistant properties depending on the specific product. They ensure workers will be safe, comfortable and visible rain or shine, day or night, 365 days a year. It's just as critical that companies understand the regulations as it is for Tingley to have designed our products to ensure compliance, “ says Brian Nutt.

Today, the fourth generation of family management has expanded and refined the product lines that reach both consumer and industrial markets. Tingley now offers a complete line of waterproof protective footwear and clothing.

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