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Medi launches fashionable & discreet compression stockings
Feb '09
Mediven Sheer & Soft stocking
Mediven Sheer & Soft stocking
Medi USA, a worldwide leader in medical therapy products, introduces Mediven Sheer & Soft, a complete line of fashionable, discreet and comfortable compression stockings suitable for day and evening wear. Mediven Sheer & Soft empowers women to take control of their leg health with confidence and style.

“Consumers should not have to compromise their health in favor of fashion,” says Brian Kletch, product manager. “We're proud to present Mediven Sheer & Soft to our customers so that they can enjoy the best in compression therapy, with lasting comfort and superior style.”

In an independent survey, Mediven Sheer & Soft was chosen four to one as the sheerest stocking, and 87% of the time as the softest stocking versus the leading brand. Competitive independent testing also confirms that Mediven Sheer & Soft was clinically proven to have superior moisture regulation and be 38% more durable than the leading competitor.

The complete Mediven line includes ready-made and special order prescription and non-prescription stockings. Mediven stockings are manufactured with skin-friendly yarns and dyes and are guaranteed to provide precise graduated compression for a full six months.

To give the health- and fashion-conscious consumer even more choices, Mediven Sheer & Soft is available in a variety of styles including calf, thigh, panty and maternity panty, and two leg lengths, standard and petite. All styles avilable in one of five colors: wheat, natural, toffee, smoke and ebony. Physician recommended Mediven Sheer & Soft is available in four levels of compression: 8-15 mmHg, 15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg.

As part of Medi USA's commitment to lifelong health and well-being, the company will make a $1 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each pair of Mediven Sheer & Soft purchased (15-20 mmHg and higher levels only).

Medi, worldwide leader in vein health, orthopedics and medical prosthetics for more than 80 years, offers a full line of innovative over-the-counter and prescription-based compression stockings, orthotics and prosthetics. The company's products and technologies consistently rank at the highest level of innovation, and are created using the latest research and advancements in medical science.

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