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Medical Marijuana licenses clothing line
Mar '10
Medical Marijuana Inc is proud to announce the licensing of its clothing line, the future use of hemp paper for its stock certificates, the receipt of payment for consulting services provided to Health Sciences, Inc and more.

The company entered into an agreement with a small public company that will market a clothing line licensed by MJNA. MJNA shareholders will receive approximately 1 restricted share as a dividend of that OTC Markets company based on each 2 MJNA shares now held by MJNA shareholders.

Chairman Bruce Perlowin stated, "Since HEMP is an important part of the Marijuana industries, using this superior paper helps to emphasize its importance and we will later announce the date when our stock certificates will be available in hemp paper so that shareholders will have the opportunity to order stock certificates from our transfer agent."

Medical Marijuana Inc was also paid 200,000,000 shares of Health Sciences, Inc. for Marijuana industry consulting services provided to HESG.

Medical Marijuana Inc's Symposium follows in the footsteps of the San Diego City Council 3-2 vote deciding to pursue a Medical Marijuana Ordinance rather than impose a moratorium on Medical Marijuana dispensaries.

MJNA's Chairman Bruce Perlowin will be interviewed at the San Diego Convention Center Symposium by the Latin Television Network, Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish speaking world. The show will be aired nationally in Mexico on April 8, 2010.

Medical Marijuana Educational Seminars
Additionally we will be launching and teaching an entirely New Business Opportunity for Anyone wanting to get into the Medical Marijuana industry that until recently did not exist. An entrepreneurial opportunity that is faster to get up and running and earning income; one that is safer than opening a collective dispensary or grow operation with all the shifting laws and unsure and unstable battling political environments, and one you can open in any state regardless of where that state is in the legalization process.

These kinds of seminars are filled with people wanting to learn how to enter the Medical Marijuana Business. Therefore, we will be presenting our ground breaking new Medical Marijuana Institute Educational Center business opportunity where the licensed Center owner receives 60% of the ticket sales and a percentage of all products & services offered through them by licensor MJNA. You can extrapolate what your earning potential could be and how many Medical Marijuana Institute Educational Centers will open in cities All across America in 2010.

Medical Products Division
Medical Marijuana Inc is developing and acquiring proprietary products for the pharmacological marketplace. The company is instituting medically based research to eventually formulate medical products that can clear the FDA approval process. Though this is a futuristic goal and the medical approval process is a lengthy one, various stages of progress on medicinal properties will be made public over time.


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