Mogul Durell launches cross-lapped spunlace capacity
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Mogul Durell launches cross-lapped spunlace capacity
Mar '17
Mogul Nonwovens has increased its nonwoven spunlace production by adding a cross-lapped spunlace line at its plant in Istanbul, Turkey. The cross-lapped product, introduced under the brand name Durell, supplements Mogul's existing production of Aqualace parallel-laid spunlace. The new line adds high performance products to Mogul's range of products.

Mogul's Durell cross-lapped spunlace line includes in-line dyeing and chemical impregnation to provide capability to produce dye coloured or chemically impregnated (water repellent, fire retardant, acrylic binder, etc.) fabrics.

Cross-lapped spunlace technology differs from parallel laid spunlace as the cross-lapper forms a web by laying down the carded fiber at an angle of 90 degrees to the line's direction. In a parallel-laid process the carded fibre is laid down in parallel to the line's direction.

Through the cross-lapping of the web the resultant spunlace achieves similar tensile strength in both machine direction (MD) and cross direction (CD), said the company in a press release. With MD:CD ratios from 0.8 to 1.1, Durell finds use whenever multi-direction fabric strength is needed.

Spunlace is a growing technology in the nonwovens field, being the preferred fabric for wipes, and is also growing in technical and durable applications. Examples of Durell applications include home textiles, epilation pads, wipes, personal care, wet wipes, artificial leather, disposable linens and more. (KD)

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