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Dainese & a cartoon Valentino Rossi present D-Air Street Gore-Tex
November 16, 2012 (Italy)

The cartoon of Valentino Rossi will be available on DAINESE website in which he presents the innovative D-air Street Gore-Tex; the road-going version of the air bag for motorbike riders.

D-air is a technological platform designed to protect the wearer. It features an “intelligent” system that detects a fall or slide, activating special air bags around the body.

D-air is not just a product but is also highly evolved protection technology, which can be used in various situations where protection is needed. Thanks to a GORE-TEX membrane, Dainese can now offer a warm and perfectly waterproof garment that provides motorbike riders with maximum protection against the elements.

Enjoy the Valentino cartoon where he is faced with both rain and city traffic but, thanks to his D-air Street GORE-TEX, makes it all look easy.

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