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NIGHTBRA is now being imitated
Nov '09
After the publication of a widely distributed press release referring to a Dutch company as the supposed inventor of an "innovative" anti-wrinkle bra for the lower neck in 2008, MENDEZ CHAIN-NIGHTBRA would like to put on record that:

The only anti-wrinkle bra for the lower neck which has been on the market since the year 2005 with patents in the European Union and America since the year 2000 is Nightbra.

This anti-wrinkle bra is the property of the company MENDEZ CHAIN-NIGHTBRA, which currently markets this bra throughout Europe.

Nightbra is a product that was invented, designed and medically tested by Dr. Elisa Fernandez, a medical specialist in Gynaecology and Anatomical Pathology, the effectiveness of which is widely endorsed both by its large client base and by medical media.

Nightbra is a 100% Spanish product, with widespread international recognition of its technical design and business innovation, accredited by Quality and Management Certificates.

At this time the legal counsel for the company MENDEZ CHAIN is working to secure the withdrawal of the Dutch product from the market and a correction from its representatives which recognises their plagiarism.



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