Paramount launches anti bed-sores mattress ‘AroCare’
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Paramount launches anti bed-sores mattress 'AroCare'
Nov '13
Paramount Surgimed Ltd, a leader in Healthcare & Medical Disposables, introduces AroCare, Anti Decubitus Mattress.

The mattress can prevent and cure decubitus for the patients who would turn over by themselves arduously and lie on bed for a long time at home or in hospital. The Mattress applies dry skin and diffusion of body pressure principle to prevent a skin swelling and sore.

The AroCare mattress is reasonable priced and convenient to use. It is simple in structure, easy in operation and is better in prevention and cure of bed sores. It’s a perfect instrument of short-term bed ridden patients and family bed for patients. The mattress is composed of the pump and the airbed. Insert respectively the end of two rubber hoses into the two inlets of the airbed at a depth of 8mm.

The inlet side of the air bed is the foot side of the patient. The air-pump has the function of changing air and Square inflated bags will undulate after fresh air is pumped, which can cut back the time that patients touch with mattress in the same interface and obtain a massage effect as well. The amount of air or air pressure amount can be controlled by using the pressure controller.

With an air inlet join with plastic tube of the air-pump, put the patient on bed, connect power adapter with alternating current 220V and turn on. Air-pump will start working as soon as the light is bright and until the mattress is full of air.

About Paramount Surgimed Ltd:

With a vision of being a global leader in the Medical industry, PARAMOUNT SURGIMED LTD. came into existence, within the Grover Group of companies, in 1993. Capitalizing on the rich and diverse 54 years of experience of the group, Paramount Surgimed Ltd. soon became a name that symbolized trust and quality in the medical industry.

The Vision of the company is to be a one stop shop for all needs of medical professionals and institutions. The company started with the manufacturing of Surgical Blades and is now a leading supplier of a complete range of disposable and reusable medical products / devices.

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