Reima Play Layers means easy functional wear for kids
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Reima Play Layers means easy functional wear for kids
Aug '08
The new multi-layer concept offers versatility and better temperature control.

In early autumn 2008, Reima will be launching its multi-layer dressing concept for children. These kinds of solutions are often seen in sportswear for grown-ups. Now Reima is bringing the benefits of functional wear to those who need them most – kids who spend several hours a day out of doors.

The cornerstone of the Play Layers concept is the different properties of clothing layers. Each layer has a separate function: the base layer transfers moisture away from the skin, mid layers retain warmth, and the cover layer provides protection from the elements whilst also allowing moisture to evaporate. With these three functions, the child feels comfortable in all weather conditions.

Other essentials of the Play Layers concept are easiness and versatility. Some mid-layer garments can be attached to the cover layer garments with snap fasteners, making getting dressed easier and faster. The material of the layers can be changed and layers can be added or taken off to suit varying needs and weather conditions. This means that the wearing time of any garment can be extended through one season into the next, which is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Reima Oy is known as a pioneer in childrenswear product development. The company has 64 years' experience in producing clothing for children. The most important achievement of Reima material development so far, the waterproof and breathable material Reimatec, has a central role in the cover layer garments of the Play Layers concept.

The concept will be expanded in spring 2009, and will gradually be rolled out over the brand's entire range.

Reima was founded in 1944 and is a leading Nordic manufacturer of childrens' outdoor wear with head office in Kankaanpää, Finland. Reima's turnover in 2007 was EUR 37 million. The company employs 100 staff in Finland and 280 in other countries. Reima's most important export markets are the Nordic countries, Russia and Switzerland.

In all Reima products, the starting point for design is functionality, safety, reliability and innovation. Reima products are tested by the most honest and rigorous test team in the world – kids themselves.


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