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S3 & Evidence Based garments that reduce pain
Mar '09
Santa Ana, California headquarters for Alignmed Inc, announces the launch of the Scapula Stabilizing System (S3). The S3 is a spine and scapula stabilizing garment designed to improve posture, reduce pain, and increase range of motion. The patent design triggers the body to correct improper posture, by re-educating and re0engineering the musculo-skeletal system surrounding the shoulder and spine.

The S3 signals neuro-receptors in the skin to engage proper posture. Alignmed has created a new product (the S3) and an entire new category coined, "Evidence Based Apparel". This product has actual scientific evidence compiled by top orthopedic surgeons' supporting the results...look out apparel industry the S3 is a triple threat.

Improper posture is reaching epidemic proportions as a result of daily computer use. The number of surgical procedures of the shoulder and spine associated with poor posture are rising at an alarming rate. The S3 addressed and lends instant relief to fatigue and poor spine alignment associated with unnatural body position at the computer. The average head weighs 10 pounds when correctly aligned with the body.

For every inch the head moves forward head weight doubles placing additional stress and pressure on the neck with a negative trickle down effect on the entire spine and body. The S3 is helping students across America find relief. Brianna Schultz a student at UCSB stated, "I wear a heavy backpack all day ling and then I sit hunched over my computer all night. The S3 keeps me aware of my posture and has reduced the neck pain I had been experiencing."

According to eh U.S. Department of Health nine out of ten people in the U.S. at one point will seek help for back pain. The majority of therapy for spine and shoulder pain is physical therapy, medication, and/or surgical intervention. Until now, bracing for the shoulder has been almost non-existent; and no one has addressed proprioception, muscular and neuro retraining within the context of an upper extremity brace product. Proprioception is key, it is "the process by which the body can vary muscle contraction i immediate response to incoming information from external forces." Your body's relation to space and time is dictated by proprioception.

The S3 has over a decade of academic research and development to support its claims. Designed by Tim Brown, D.C. and backed with the clinical experience of two well known Sports Medicine Orthopedists, Ben Rubin M.D. and W. Ben Kibler M.D. Alignmed has scientific proof to support its revolutionary new product.

"The S3 optimizes scapular position, as well as motion, and increases rotator cuff strength, all of which improve treatment of shoulder injuries," states, W. Ben Kibler M.D. "The S3 optimizes the position of the scapula by improving proprioceptive feedback to enhance the tone of the scapular stabilizing muscles. It simultaneously stretches tight anterior structures to correct postural alignment and restores normal shoulder kinematics," Ben Rubin M.D.


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