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TECGEN XTREME, protective apparel for non-structural responses
Aug '09
Firefighters have an exciting new weapon to combat their No. 1 killer, heart attacks caused by heat stress.

TECGEN XTREMEâ„ protective apparel, a new product that launched June 15, is designed for firefighters to wear as an alternative to heavy, hot turnout gear when they are on non-structural fire or emergency calls. Made by Ashburn Hill Corp., TECGEN XTREMEâ„ garments will be demonstrated by an elite team of firefighting instructors at the annual Texas Municipal Fire Training School Vendor Show, July 19 at Reed Arena on the campus of Texas A&M University.

TECGEN XTREMEâ„ protective apparel is available as a single layer lightweight coverall or jacket/pants combo. Both give firefighters protection against thermal and physical hazards (such as cuts and punctures) while allowing them to keep cool and comfortable. It is a unique, dual-certified product, which means it meets the National Fire Protection Association's specifications for both wildland firefighting (NFPA 1977-2005) and technical rescue ensemble (NFPA 1951-2007).

We are raising awareness that there are alternatives to full turnout gear in nonstructural situations, said Todd Herring, vice president of sales and marketing for Ashburn Hill Corp. âEURœStructural fires make up a small percentage of calls for firefighters, but many of them still wear structure gear for almost every call. We offer a product that can be worn in the place of turnout gear for 70 to 80 percent of responses. It is much cooler and comfortable, yet it still offers thermal protection that goes above and beyond the standards.

According to the US Fire Administration, heart attacks caused by heat stress are the leading cause of death among firefighters.

Often, firefighters wear heavy-duty fire turnout gear even when they may not need the level of protection provided by those suits, which adds unnecessary weight, discomfort and expense. In a single layer, TECGEN XTREMEâ„ protective apparel provides a comfortable, breathable alternative to turnout gear that is compliant for up to 75 percent of firefighting responses.

With heat stress being the number one killer of firefighters, TECGEN XTREMEâ„ garments provide three times the Total Heat Loss (THL) of turnout gear. THL is a standard measurement of the breathability of turnout gear.The fabric is also engineered to exceed the hazards firefighters typically face in emergency situations. It is UL-tested to have over 40 lbs. of tear strength, which exceeds the minimum requirements by over

TECGEN XTREMEâ„ protective apparel is available through Ashburn Hill Corp.

Ashburn Hill Corp. (AHC) has manufacturing facilities in Texas with commercial offices in South Carolina and New York. Our company has won an R&D 100 award three times, most recently for the fabric that is used in TECGEN XTREME garments.Our commitment to inventing breakthrough products that perform above and beyond is unwavering. Just like your commitment to doing your job.

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