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Tegaderm IV Dressing benefits both the patient & clinician
Feb '09
Adding to its innovative line of Tegaderm dressings, which includes wound care and surgical dressings, 3M today announced the launch of Tegaderm IV Dressing for the BD Nexiva Catheter System. Specifically designed for BD's catheter system, the dressing offers a new alternative to address catheter movement, dislodgements and fall-outs. These types of catheter complications have the potential to cause discomfort for the patient, making for a much-needed advancement in how catheter systems are designed and kept in place.

“3M is known for revolutionizing IV site care through our transparent dressings and collaborating with BD allowed us to apply our technology to meet a customer need,” said Jacob Haas, global product marketing manager for the IV site business. “Tegaderm IV Dressing for the BD Nexiva Catheter System is designed to optimize this specific catheter system by improving stability and securement, while decreasing the possibility of the catheter moving or falling out — this benefits both the patient and clinician.”

Tegaderm IV Dressing for the BD Nexiva Catheter System is specially designed to cover the size and contours of the built-in stabilization platform, which is unique to the BD Nexiva Catheter System. Improving catheter stability is commonly believed to decrease the potential for catheter movement after insertion, thereby limiting possible complications, such as dislodging of the catheter and inflammation of the vein (phlebitis). The dressing features a J-shaped slit that fits snugly around the built-in extension tubing, helping to secure both the tubing and the catheter.

The dressing is constructed of the same materials as other Tegaderm products and offers similar benefits. It has a thin, highly breathable polyurethane film backing coated with latex-free, moist skin adhesive, making it comfortable, conformable and able to stick well to skin.

In a recent study, the new dressing was perceived by clinicians to wear longer than current standard film dressings. In the two-week clinical evaluation of more than 100 IV clinicians, 96 percent preferred Tegaderm IV Dressing for the BD Nexiva Catheter System over current dressings for use with the BD Nexiva Catheter System and rated it as an excellent alternative. A clinical trial is currently underway at a Midwest healthcare system with results anticipated later this year.

“The introduction of Tegaderm IV Dressing for the BD Nexiva Catheter System brings together two innovative technologies and offers the health care practitioner a new, simple and effective solution for catheter stability and securement,” commented Nancy Larson, vice president and general manager, 3M Skin & Wound Care Division. “This collaboration between the Tegaderm brand and BD's Nexiva Catheter System is another example of our commitment to providing simple, dependable and trusted dressings to IV clinicians.”



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