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Test results prove high virus kill rate using Zorflex
Mar '10
Chemviron Carbon Cloth Division, the leading manufacturer of Zorflex 100% activated carbon cloth based in Durham, UK, has recently developed a series of products which have been proven to be both antiviral and virucidal.

Two activated carbon cloth types known as Zorflex VB and Zorflex VB Plus were tested by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) using the MS2-Coliphage surrogate test virus. Test results found that a combination of materials including Zorflex VB, captured up to 99.54% of a virus. Once captured, the Zorflex VB active layer kills 93% of the virus. Even more outstanding results were obtained Zorflex VB Plus giving a capture rate of up to 99.88% within the combination of materials and a 98% virus kill rate within the active layer.
Results mean the combination of materials using either Zorflex VB or Zorflex VB Plus can be used in a variety of diverse applications; from respiratory masks, medical gowns, wound dressings, patient clothing and bedding in the medical field to industrial applications such as air conditioning systems.

Separate air permeability tests on both Zorflex VB and Zorflex VB Plus revealed an air flow rate of 10.29cm3/cm2/sec which is much higher than the standard respiratory masks on the market. This means both products can contribute to overall wearer comfort – an important factor particularly for respiratory masks.

Bob Brown, general manager of Chemviron Carbon Cloth Division commented: “These results are outstanding in terms of Zorflex itself and also compared to some products already on the market. This new development provides us with a unique opportunity to promote our technology for use in a wide variety of applications.

Chemviron Carbon Cloth Division


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