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Toyobo develops clothing pressure simulation technology
Aug '08
Toyobo has developed "clothing pressure simulation technology" that calculates the pressure on the human body while it is wearing clothing-in other words, the clothing pressure.

This technology allows us to predict and calculate clothing pressure based on fabric tensile-strength test results without the need for sewing.

It also enables detailed calculation of the clothing pressure distribution. The Company will use this technology to engage in product development and contract research.

This research and development project was funded by a grant from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

1. Background Information on Developing the Clothing Pressure Simulation Technology:

(1) Development of various "sensory measurement technologies" that evaluate cutaneous sensations using instruments.

Utilizing measuring instrument-based technologies to evaluate "stuffiness," which is only a vague sensation, Toyobo developed "microclimate-within-clothing" materials (yarns and fabrics) in 1982.

Since then, we have built sensory measurement technologies for evaluating various cutaneous sensations and utilized and applied them to product development.

To evaluate sensations by means of instruments, we have also developed and utilized our unique measurement instruments including sweating thermal mannequins TOM III and SAM and a leg-shaped wearing-pressure apparatus.

(2) Development and significance of clothing pressure simulation technology.

As described above, Toyobo has proceeded efficiently and effectively with product development using its unique sensory measuring technologies.

To measure the clothing pressures of panty hoses and spats, we also developed a leg-shaped wearing-pressure apparatus and evaluated the tightness of wearing clothing using clothing pressure measurement instruments.

These evaluations pose various issues, however, in that they cannot measure or evaluate unsewed products and cannot make detailed measurement of the clothing pressure distribution.

Consequently, there was a strong need to seek technologies that calculate clothing pressures without the need for sewing.

To address such issues, we developed the new method, clothing pressure simulation technology, which calculates clothing pressure based on fabric tensile-strength test results.

By combining this new calculation technology with conventional sensory measurement technology, we can evaluate multi-dimensionally the comfort related to clothing pressures.

2. Overview of Toyobo's Clothing Pressure Simulation Technology:

Clothing pressure simulation technology refers to a technology that predicts and calculates clothing pressure on the human body while wearing clothing based on fabric tensile-strength test results.

Conventionally, clothing pressure was calculated from the tensile length (displacement) of fabric tensile-strength test results and the initial gradient of the force (load) that was being applied, and it was impossible to calculate the clothing pressure of tight-fit clothing or clothing worn at a high extension ratio.


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