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Turkish clothing firm tops in nanotechnology applications
Jan '10
The developments in the field of nanotechnology have given rise to numerous applications in the textiles sector, which hitherto could be dreamt of or looked good only on paper. Now it is possible to have UV protected apparel, odour-less garments, stain-proof and moisture-proof clothing, etc. The list is endless.

The world's textile industry is entering a new phase with nano-textiles. Textile products made with nanotechnology are expected to leave their mark, particularly within the next 10 to 15 years. Yesim Tekstil, a Turkey based company has become a leader in research and development with a focus on creating smart clothing.

Yesim Tekstil, a Bursa based Textiles Company that produces clothing for international brands, has been pursuing extensive research and development, on production of smart clothing production in recent times. The firm has produced articles of clothing that successfully prevent the smell of sweat, as well as garments that provide vitamin E.

The firm's smart clothes are clear indicators of the future of textiles. These clothes, along with others that will be made with nanotechnology, will significantly make life easy for human kind in the future.

According to Senol Sankaya, CEO of Yesim Tekstil, textile production and R&D studies have been developed with a focus on humans and the environment, along with which they have also concentrated on manufacturing products that reduce water and energy use.

Divulging details, Sankaya said the products produced by the company include, clothing that do not retain dirt and moisture, sun-protecting smart fabrics that keeps the body warm and protects it from harmful UV rays, a t-shirt which can neutralize four litres of unpleasant odours and can also regain this feature each time they are washed.

In addition, under development are clothes will be easy-to-iron, protective clothing that will protect people from hay fever and mosquitoes and regulate heat. He added by saying that at Yesim Tekstil, R&D efforts will continue constantly and more new products made with nanotechnology will emerge.

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