This comprehensive Needle Punch Nonwoven Project Feasibility Report will help to figure out, how to start needle punch nonwoven business. It will also help to find out what could be the investment requirement and also help to make mind which technology to prefer European, Taiwanese or Chinese.

Needle punch nonwoven product are mainly manufactured in the North America, Europe and Japan. However emerging market is China and South Asia. Major importing country of this products are China, USA, UK, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, India and France. The products manufactured from this process are extensively used in geotextiles, automobiles and industrial filtration products.

This emerging well accepted technology will offers existing textiles producers and manufacturers huge potential to venture into this kind of value added production of nonwoven and technical textile products and also help to ramp up the company’s business portfolio. Thus, this project analysis and feasibility report will provide a huge opportunity for the entrepreneurs who are planning to foray into several technical textiles products business.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Complete Know How of the technology, product and application
  • Introduction to Needle Punch Nonwoven
  • Why Needle Punched Nonwoven Fabric?
  • Comparison of Needle Punch Technology Life Cycle with Other Technology
  • Brief History of Needle Punch Process
  • Raw Materials used in Needle punch Process
  • Fibre Properties of Needle Punch Nonwoven
  • According to Physical Properties
    • According to End Market
    • Principle of Needle Punching Process
  • Overview of Nonwoven Manufacturing Process
  • Overview of Needle Punch Nonwoven Manufacturing
    • Fiber Preparation
    • Web Preparation or Weblaying
    • Carded Web Formation
      1. Garnett Web Forming
      2. Air Laid Web Forming       
      3. Spunlaid Web Forming
    • Web Bonding
      1. Cross-lapping
      2. Needle Loom
  • The Major Components of the Complete Needle Punch Machine Line
  • Different Types of Needling Looms
    • Tacking or Preneedling Looms
    • Single Board Machine      
    • Double Board Machine
    • Quadro Punch Machine
    • Twin Punch Machine
    • Structuring Machines        
    • Patterning Machine
    • Tandem Machine
    • High Speed Production Looms
    • Paper-Maker Felt Looms
    • Velour Machine
    • Multi Motion Drive Machine
    • Tubular Needle Looms
  • Parts of Needle
  • Types of Needles
  • Different Designs of Needles
  • Direction of Needling
  • Parameters of Needle Punch Process
    • Parameters of Fibers
    • Parameters of Web
    • Parameters of Needle Punching  Machine
  • Needle Punching Process and Production Calculations
  • Needlepunch Nonwoven Machine Manufacturers
  • Needle Punch Nonwoven Defects
  • Application of Needle Punch nonwoven
  • Conclusion

Part - 2: Overview of the market

  • Market Statistics
  • Worldwide Needlepunch Nonwoven Production By Volume
  • Global Needle Punch Nonwoven Market Scenario
    • Asia-Pacific
    • Europe       
    • North America
    • Latin America

Part-3: Import Statistics

  • Import Statistics
  • Top 75 Importing Countries of more than 150 gsm Nonwovens product
  • Worldwide Import scenario of needlepunch nonwoven for Year 2012

Part-4: Project Feasibility biased on different technology for 15 years

  • Comparison for production amongst European, Taiwan, Quality Chinese, Low cost Chinese Technologies
  • Land, Building & Construction cost
  • Needle punch nonwoven machine price
  • Power Cost
  • Manpower Cost
  • Utility Cost
  • Contingency cost
  • Marginal money required
  • Pre-operative expenses
  • Other Cost
  • Total project cost
  • Raw material costing (Variable depend upon using different raw materials, chemicals etc)
  • Finished product costing
  • Projected profitability report for 15 years
  • Comparison of project cost & profitability for different technologies

Part-5: Glossary

Name Company Name
Country Comments

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