Sanitary Napkins are absorbent disposable single use products designed to receive, absorb, retain menstrual fluid and isolate them from the rest of the body. Thus they are an important part of the gynecological hygiene of every woman. At present the market is seeing low growth in areas like the U.S. and Western Europe, where penetration levels are high and populations are not increasing. According to expert’s views the aging population could be a blow for the feminine hygiene category as the number of women ages 15-49 declines about 1% by 2015. However, there are tremendous opportunities for companies to conquer the Asian markets, in view of the fact that the people purchasing power is increasing along with increasing awareness towards personal hygiene.


Table of Contents
  1. About Sanitary Napkin
  2. History of Sanitary Napkin
  3. Demand and Supply of Sanitary Napkin
  4. Desired Properties of Sanitary Napkin
  5. Quality Requirements of Sanitary Napkin
  6. Raw Materials for Sanitary Napkin
  7. Standard Size of Sanitary Napkin
  8. Manufacturing Process
  9. Process Description
  10. Selection of Suitable Design
  11. Characteristics of an Ideal Sanitary Napkin
  12. Hazards Caused By Sanitary Napkin
  13. Causes of Infection
  14. Indian Government Policies
  15. Market Potentials
  16. Machinery Manufacturers
  17. Comparison for production amongst technologies from different  countries (viz.: European, and Chinese)
  18. Land, Building and Construction cost
  19. Machine Price
  20. Power Cost
  21. Manpower Cost
  22. Utility Cost

23.  Contingency Cost
24.  Marginal Money Required
25.  Pre-operative expenses
26.  Other cost
27.  Total Project Cost
28.  Raw material costing
29.  Finished product costing
30.  Project profitability statement
31.  Comparison of project cost & profitability for different technologies

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Country Comments

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