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Studies on Structure-Properties Relationship of Various Geotextiles
By Kharva Arpan B., Iceland
Guide Name : Dr. P. C. Patel
Institute :Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda
Area of Research : Geotextile
Studies on Structure-Properties Relationship of Various Geotextiles

Geotextile are the recent textile product which is used in various civil engineering applications. The present study is concerned with the mechanical, physical and hydraulic properties of woven and non woven geotextiles and their interdependence on each other.  The stress-strain behaviour of the constituent fibres and the structure of the fabric are the main factors which influence the short term mechanical properties of nonwovens, which are analysed in detail in the present work. The geometric structures developed in the needle-punched nonwoven fabric depend on the fibre parameters, fibre orientation in the web and needling processed and same is the case with the wovens which are mainly dependent on the yarn strength, type of weave and frictional properties of the parent yarn. The needle-punched nonwoven fabrics generally have loose structure with flexible bonds formed due to fibre entanglement while the wovens exhibit the same type of behaviour at the interlacement points. The stress-strain behaviour of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics of different gsm and woven geotextile of different gsm and weave has been studied using wide-width tensile test and Narrow-width tensile test method.

The stress-strain behaviour of constituent fibres of the Needle punch nonwoven fabrics has been studied and the structural parameters of nonwoven fabrics are evaluated; as these are the main two factors which influence the mechanical properties of nonwoven fabrics. The fibre network theory has been used to predict the stress-strain behaviour of fabric using the fibre data and structural parameters of nonwoven fabrics. The slippage of fibres is a dominating factor in the deformation of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics in general and staple fibre fabrics in particular. The structure of nonwoven fabrics is the most important factor affecting the tensile behaviour of these fabrics.

The stress-strain behaviour of the constituent fibre of the woven geotextiles fabric has been study and the structural parameters of woven geotextile fabrics have been evaluated. The calculations of the woven fabrics were calculated by analysing the yarn geometry by freezing the yarn samples and analysing under microscope for the different values of yarn geometry. 

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