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Fabric solutions for Seat Belt Inconvenience
By Shuchi Agrawal, Iceland
Guide Name : Ms. Nitika Rana
Institute :National Institute of fashion technology, Mumbai
Area of Research : Mobiltech
Fabric solutions for Seat Belt Inconvenience

Seat belt is an integral component of safety regulations in fast moving vehicles of the modern world. They are placed to safeguard the rider and the accompanying travelers. Although it’s foremost feature is to make sure safety but it should also be meant to be comfortable for the user with skin friendly material, to avoid any kind of distraction while driving. This research paper describes the problems faced by the driver or the rider while wearing the seat belts and some of the alternatives to solve those problems. The paper even describes up-to-date techniques and fibers developed for vehicle seat belt used by different type of transportation system and companies.The objective of the paper is to review the materials used for car seat belts and its effect on the skin, and to propose feasible solution to the problem, keeping in view the comfort and safety purposes.

Comfort is an important attribute that today’s consumers demand extensively. The seat belt has an important role to play in fulfilling these comfort expectations and safety measures too. Driving with seat belts on, are a major concern for drivers and other members of the work force who are exposed to extended periods of sitting and driving and the associated side effects.

Research literature has shown that one of the main factors that affect seating comfort is seat belt inconvenience. Particularly prolonged driving and continuous contact of the synthetic material of the seat belt with the skin affect the skin and creates irritations. From the research it has been observed that women drivers mostly suffer due to the 3 point belts used in cars, keeping in mind the safety aspects. Private vehicles are designed, emphasizing on aspects such as ride comfortably; handling, technology, and appearance, which are points of high sale in vehicle market.

The paper describes the research and development for vehicle seats belts, based on literature review of journals, technical reports and online articles and also on primary research conducted with women drivers as focus group. Current research and development efforts are deeply studied as well as areas for future development and the projected impact on better performance of these seat belts with usage of seat belt covers with skin friendly innovative materials, varying the construction of fabric, etc. are proposed.

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