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Developing nursing brassier, providing full comfort and visual aesthetics to the wearer.
By Neha Kestwal, Iceland
Guide Name : Ms. Nitika Rana
Institute :National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai
Area of Research : Vanity clothing, functional textiles.
Developing nursing brassier, providing full comfort and visual aesthetics to the wearer.

Vanity clothing is a unique category of functional clothing. As its function is to improve body aesthetics, a new awareness of health and body across the world as well as large ageing population has fueled the growth of this segment. The principle of vanity clothing is to compress, lift or support certain body parts. A complex combination of preferential compression, invisible support, padding, molding, wiring, special seam and special construction techniques are used to achieve the desired properties. Pants, bras and various under garments (invisible under outer clothing) are available that can lift sagging parts and have a slimming and flattening effect on stomach, waist, hip, breast, thigh, buttocks and back as desired. Nursing brassiere also falls under this category.

(Nursing Bra: A bra for breastfeeding mothers which provides additional support and has cups that can be folded down so the infant can be fed without the mother having to remove the bra.)

Today’s nursing bra not just provides additional feature of pulling aside during lactation,  but also has properties like comfort, easy to wear, strength, feel and aesthetics. But in spite of all this development, awareness about nursing bra usage is low and the women who are using it still feel discomfort and have to buy bra rapidly due to changing breast sizes during and after pregnancy and in today’s market maximum nursing brassieres are made of Lycra with polyamide or Polyester or Nylon or Cotton, as these fabrics have good aesthetics. But except cotton fabrics, other fabrics don’t have good absorbency. Hence these bras give irritation to wearing during long time use.

 Current nursing brassieres shows irritation around nipple area, are made of synthetic fabric, lack  moisture transfer, wetting of bra cups on overflow of milk, low cup support, changing cup sizes, etc.  are some of the problems. The focus of the study is to overcome these problem areas and provide visual appeal to the wearer.

With increasing knowledge about evil effects of wrong size bra, fabric constructions and breast feeding patterns, this research aims to remove these problems occurring in the nursing bra through new fabric development and enhancement in construction technology and appeal of garment.

The research addresses nursing problems of faced by feeding women, that existing brassiere doesn't fulfill. Also the product design is for the target consumer: “Indian women”. Fabric proposed is be indigenous, according to local climatic condition; construction parameters are according to Indian women body type and the feeding pattern.  And utmost care is taken for body shaping. 

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