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Influence of in-situ parameters on serviceability of jute geotextiles in unpaved roads
By Neeraj Sharma, Iceland
Guide Name : Dr. Vinay Midha
Institute :Dr. B.R. Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar
Area of Research : Geotextile
Influence of in-situ parameters on serviceability of jute geotextiles in unpaved roads

Geotextile are the materials that can provide support, ground drainage and erosion control, and prevent reflective cracking of subgrade structure. The role of geotextiles is more extensive in both paved and unpaved road construction. The performance of geotextile used in unpaved roads directly depends on its fiber properties and fabric construction. Geotextiles made of natural biodegradable fibers like jute possess better properties like moisture conductivity and abrasion resistance when compared to geosynthetics. Hence in this study, Jute geotextile (JGT) of 760 g/m2 was studied for its serviceability under different road designs and geographical conditions. Road designs of different subgrade structures with and without sand layer are studied for the duration of 30, 60 and 90 days, under the rainfall conditions of 50 and 100 mm/ hour. The serviceability and performance of geotextile was evaluated for the reinforcement of tensile strength and puncture resistance test, which was performed using cone drop test. The drainage function of geotextile was evaluated by analyzing the reduction in pore diameter.

From the results obtained it was observed that the reinforcement function of jute geotextile is highly influenced by time and the sand layer in the subgrade structure. It was observed that the presence of sand layer in subgrade prevents jute geotextile structure from the penetration of soil particles and maintains its pore diameter. Whereas the rainfall intensity influences the pore diameter because of particle flow velocity in to the jute geotextile structure. Hence the jute geotextile with sand layer at 50 mm/hr rainfall intensity shows the less reduction in pore diameter of 101.86μm after 30 days.

By considering the overall performance of jute geotextile, the presence of sand layer on subgrade structure of unpaved roads substantially improves the serviceability of geotextile, because of improved performance of tensile strength, puncture resistance and pore size retention of geotextile.

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