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E- textiles for sleep terror patients
By Tanya Jain, Iceland
Guide Name : Ms. Nitika Rana
Institute :National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai
Area of Research : Medical textiles
E- textiles for sleep terror patients

Electro-textiles, known as E-textiles, are the fabrics which can electrically map/program as electronics and physically behave as textiles. Smart clothing is one of the best applications of E-textiles. Generally, "smart clothing system" refers to garments featuring interactive reactions by detecting signals, collecting and processing information and causing motion/actions. Current technologies in the field of smart textile such as combination of new materials, various textile technologies, and miniaturized electronics make wearable systems more viable.

Computer functions can be embedded into the soft textile interface due to the evolution of information and communication technology along with the microelectronics and systems developments. An opportunity has this been created to integrate functional electronics with textiles.

Sleep terrors is a disease prominent in children and it is accompanied with screams, shivering and sweating during sleep. It leads to intense fear in patients and many times leads to sleep to walking or vice versa. 

Like sleepwalking, sleep terrors are considered a parasomnia — an undesired occurrence during sleep. Some of the risks observed while episodes of sleep terror were dangerous behavior of the patient, which even caused fear of going back to sleep to avoid the suffering caused by sleep terrors, if it happens again.

The main objective of this research is to explore and perceive the current scenario of E-textile innovations and technologies and to come up with a solution for sleep terror disease. Through observation and secondary research, the problem was identified that while sleeping, people faced problems such as heavy sweating, fast heart beating and tendency to injure themselves or people sleeping beside them. These problems get so intense that it may also cause choking or heart attacks. Already existing health monitoring technologies related to smart textile are such  which can be connected to smart phone that keeps reminding us about fluctuation in our health, but the data remains in our phone and is not checked every day. Combining health monitoring technologies already existing in textiles with a new product is proposed here, anticipating that it can lead to better comfort during sleep for people who suffer from sleep terror disease (especially children).

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