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Automotive textile testing at AITEX
Jul '13
AITEX is introducing its advance and well equipped Automotive and Transports Laboratory to Indian Manufacturers, where a wide variety of analytical techniques to carry out tests according to specific standards required by the following industrial sectors: Automotive, Railway Transport, Bus-Transport, Aeronautic and Aerospace.

In the Automotive sector, each OEM or components supplier uses a specific method based on the international standards. AITEX provides an Automotive Laboratory where different Physical, Chemical, Microbiological and Fire reaction tests are carried out with advanced instruments to meet the requirements and necessities of each supplier.

In Automotive Laboratory of AITEX, both interior and exterior components are tested and controlled. All kind of materials are studied such us Woven Fabrics, Non-woven Fabrics, Rubbers, Polymers, Foams, Adhesives, Felts, Leathers etc.

In Fire reaction test area, some of the most important tests are: Flammability, Reaction of materials to fire, Fire behaviour of materials. Materials which are to be used for upholstery, covering walls, floors and the like, or for any type of transport are required to fulfil certain requirements in respect of fire. Specific regulations for each sector are carried out at the laboratory. FAR regulations required in Aviation, IMO rules required in nautical matters etc.

Currently the AITEX Automotive Laboratory is accredited by ENAC to carry out various tests such as: Fogging determination, Formaldehyde emissions, Dye fastness, Resistant to light, Rubbing, Cleaning tests, Resistance to sweat and fluids, and solar simulation.

The components used in vehicle interiors must include characteristics that not only ensure end-product quality but also passenger safety and comfort. Carpets and flooring represent approximately 39% of vehicle upholstery and seating and door panels are another important sector. AITEX also performs Research and Development on products such as upholstery, seat bases, door panels, carpeting, mats boot linings, parcel shelves, ceiling panels and all other textile-based automotive components.

We expect Indian automotive textile manufacturers would get the maximum benefit from our services in this sector with our Automotive and Transports Laboratory. As this industry is growing along with automotive and transport sector in India, AITEX foresee a great future of technical textiles in automotive sector.

AITEX (Textile Industry Research Association)

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