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Bayer launches 'INSQIN' solution for PU coated fabrics
Jul '14
Bayer MaterialScience, one of the world’s leading polymer producers, announces the launch of INSQIN, a novel turnkey solution for a new generation of polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics. The launch marks a new chapter in the footwear and apparel sector, in which Bayer offers brand owners an integrated package of pure waterborne PU technology, material co-development and a certified manufacturer partner program for PU coated fabrics, fostering a new way of value chain collaboration.
PU technology is used to enhance and transform many of the fabrics that surround us. Every year, around 7 billion pairs of shoes, 2 billion bags and 1 billion garments are produced with PU leather and other PU coated fabrics. With pure waterborne PU technology and rich application expertise, Bayer MaterialScience inspires brand owners to explore new possibilities in the design and creation of “magical” PU coated fabrics with their INSQIN service portfolio. 
“This day is an exciting and pivotal day for all textile-consuming industries, as we look ahead to an innovative and sustainable way of producing coated fabrics with INSQIN. Not only are we now able to join efforts with brand owners to shape a more productive innovation process, we are also contributing to a practical solution that addresses the ongoing battle between sustainability and scalability,” said Nicholas Smith, Global Head of Textile Coating at Bayer MaterialScience.
Inspiring a new generation of PU coated fabrics that enable disruptive innovation
Bayer invented PU over 75 years ago and has a leading global status in its application in the coating of textiles. Closely cooperating with industry partners aiming to instigate and drive change, Bayer helps its customers to stay ahead of competition through product differentiation. INSQIN presents a wide range of possibilities to enhance and transform fabrics which meet and even exceed the design requirements for the fashion industry and the performance requirements of the sports world, in applications as diverse as PU leather, functional fabrics or high-performance printing, to name just a few. 
Enabling a new way of value chain collaboration 
Through INSQIN, Bayer MaterialScience provides brand owners with a turnkey solution for the development and scaling of new waterborne PU coated fabrics. With state-of-the-art pilot-lines at dedicated lab spaces in China and Germany, Bayer’s global team of textile experts is well-positioned to lead the R&D and testing of new coated fabrics. By working directly with brand owners and supporting their sourcing and manufacturing partners, Bayer will be addressing a wide array of brand owners’ concerns, including product design, manufacturing innovation and environmental performance. 

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