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Implementation of bamboo wall panels at new KONE Center

Nov '12
Lamboo Inc is pleased to announce the implementation of its products at the new KONE center in Moline, IL. Designers chose to showcase natural materials, specifically the Lamboo Design Series product, Tiger Strand panel. Contemporary design was accomplished with a natural look through the sleek and modern texture of a staggered installation.

This particular Tiger Strand wall panel is the adaptation of an aesthetic pattern that accomplishes an innovative look to match the building's other sustainable design features.

“The Lamboo paneling in the lobby provides an aesthetic that you cannot find anywhere in the Quad Cities and this application reinforces the sustainable and cutting-edge image the remainder of the building showcases," said Bryce T. Henderson, KONE's Chief Financial and Operating Officer.

Completed in late summer 2012, the new, mixed-use building will be a significant focal point of architecture in the Quad Cities. The KONE Centre is an eight-story, 121,000-square-feet commercial office and residential condominium building located within Moline's Bass Street Landing.

The functionally designed floor plates are approximately 15,000 square feet at each level. In his new role as Project Manager, Eric Abrams was responsible for estimating, and the coordination of the construction of the new KONE Center in Moline, IL.

Commenting on the application of Lamboo Tiger Strand wall panels, Eric stated that “The Lamboo Tiger Strand panel was an excellent choice selected by the Design Architect on the project. The material was within our budget and aesthetically surpassed the expectations of the design team and property owner, it was a homerun product during our value engineering process. The team at Lamboo had excellent product knowledge and was able to assist the design team in selecting the perfect material for our wall panel application. The occupants of KONE Centre are welcomed by nearly 4,500 square-feet of the renewable material, and as the project manager, I could not be more pleased with Lamboo products.”

As a part of LAMBOO DESIGN product series, The Lamboo Tiger Strand panels offer strength, rigidity, and uniformity which makes this product is a great fit for project integration. This material is 20%-40% more stable than wood in climate and temperature changes. LAMBOO DESIGN has no knots or voids for easy milling and fabrication. Lamboo Inc. uses proprietary processes within manufacturing to offer the DESIGN products at a quality that is unmatched by all within the building and design industries.

Lamboo Inc is the leading technology company that specializes in the manufacturing of engineered bamboo for structural, architectural, and industrial applications worldwide.

Lamboo Inc

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