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Kordsa launches new generation fast press curable resins

Jun '20
Pic: Kordsa
Pic: Kordsa
Kordsa, a leader in tire, construction reinforcement, and composites technologies markets headquartered in Turkey, has introduced new fast cure press curable visually fault-free prepreg systems which overcome the whitespot and waterspot problems, with its dicy-free formulation. Kordsa has 170 granted patents and 786 patent applications world-wide.

Due to long manufacturing times of earlier generations of composite manufacturing techniques, composite materials couldn’t satisfy the demand for matching curing time with the takt time of the automotive industry. The initial investment and operation costs of autoclaves are considered as another barrier for composites in the automotive industry.

These two main reasons limited earlier generation prepregs to be used in volume car productions and restricted the composite use in luxurious segments. As in the article in the Reinforcer Magazine of Kordsa by the technology manager of the company, Cem Öztürk, new generation press curable, fast resins, and their prepregs opened the new possibility of use of prepregs in volume car production, according to a press release by the company.

In this regard, Kordsa has concentrated particular attention on fast resin systems and brings a fresh new dimension to the industry. Kordsa’s range of thermoset prepregs including a wide range of resin formulations for different applications and production processes are especially optimised for mass production at automotive industry.

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