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Rieter's new E 80 Comber introduced at China textile event

Jun '12
At the ITMA Asia + CITME 2012, Rieter presented the newly developed E 80 combing machine for the first time to the textile world. The E 80 comber fulfills highest demands in terms of productivity, quality and economy with a high measure of flexibility. The actual production performance of the E 80 comber in combination with the fully automated winding system, ROBOlap, amounts to 2 tons daily.

The highly flexible E 80 comber is the result of many years of intensive and successful development work in the field of combing technology. The design of the E 80 comber with a 45 % greater combing area enables the focus, freely selected by the customer, to be concentrated on productivity, quality or raw material yield. The customer can choose in line with market requirements and can set the highly flexible comber accordingly.

The control of quality, productivity or raw material yield means influencing the production costs in the spinning mill. Rieter's technology know-how and the machine conception of the E 80 allow this flexible control without additional components. With the same batt weight, a wide spectrum of yarn fineness/counts can be covered.

Highest quality with combing – further improvement of IPI values by 20 %
The Rieter combing technology meets the highest quality demands. With the E 80 comber, a significantly better yarn quality is achieved with the same noil extraction when compared to other systems.

The high yarn quality is achieved with the highest nip rate and the highest possible batt weight. Compared to Rieter's earlier comber, imperfections (IPI values) are reduced by up to 20 %. The E 80 produces these impressive yarn values at the same high output level as the predecessor model.

The gentle, controlled fiber treatment is assured by the optimally coordinated combing movements C•A•P•DQ (Computer Aided Process Development) and the largest combing area developed by Rieter.

Up to 84 kg/h combed sliver is the actual production performance of the new Rieter E 80 comber with fully automated lap change and ROBOlap piecing system. This corresponds to a production increase of more than 10 % with constant quality compared to the predecessor model. The resulting combed sliver production of up to 2 tons daily is achieved in mill operations with a batt weight of 80 g/m.

The E 80 comber produces up 500 nips in operation. The low energy consumption reduces energy costs and leads to a reduction of production costs at highest productivity.

With the emphasis on raw material yield, the E 80 comber exhibits excellent fiber selection and low production costs – with constant quality and productivity. The large working area of the circular comb and the new combing geometry exert a positive influence on the fiber selection of the Rieter comber. This results in a raw material saving of up to 2 % in comparison to the predecessor model and up to 4 % compared to other systems and can lead to a cost reduction of up to 20 % per kilo of sliver.

The mill-proven fully automatic lap change and piecing system ROBOlap is unique and continues to represent the standard for modern combing lines. The lap transport system offers a choice between the semi-automatic lap transport SERVOtrolley E 16 / E 17 and the fully-automatic lap transport SERVOlap E 26.

Use of cans with 1 000 mm diameter in the combing process enables a uniform can dimension from the card up to the comber. The number of different cans in the spinning mill is thereby reduced which keeps investment costs low. The larger can sizes lessen operator effort and improve yarn quality by the reduced number of sliver piecings.


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